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Owner, Managing Director

Hailing from the land down under, Geoff’s passion for fitness and transforming peoples lives comes from a lifetime in competitive track, Rugby and strength training. As an NSCA certified personal trainer with over 20 years of experience on 3 continents including Australia, Europe and the USA, Geoff specializes in creating varied and results driven workouts.

Combined with over 10 years of gym management in Fort Lauderdale, Geoff has created the perfect downtown training environment for all fitness interests and is ready to take your fitness goals to the next level.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, an athlete, busy professional, or somewhere in between, Geoff has training options and nutritional guidance for both children and adults, in a facility Geoff has created from the ground up to help maximize results.



Yoga Instructor &

NSCF Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa has been in the fitness industry since 2016. Starting her coaching journey off as a yoga instructor, she received her 200hr RYT in a submersive 3 week course down in Costa Rica. She loves teaching and wanted to expand within the industry, adding her NSCF certification as a personal trainer. Lisa's style of coaching focusing on mobility, recovery and mental health practices, stems from her deep roots in yoga. She incorporates both functional movement and resistance training to strengthen and balance the body, building muscle tone and coordination. Her goal is to educate while helping her clients develop healthy habits and movement patterns, while also supporting self discovery and personal growth.

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